When you own a business, you will likely start out with traditional methods of building security. Key locks, push code locks, and deadbolts will likely already be installed throughout the building. There may come a time when you want to upgrade those entry methods to something more secure. Here are a few ways that a locksmith can help you improve your building security through various upgrades.

Complete Keyless Entry

One of the upgrades you may want to consider is to go with a complete keyless entry for all locked areas of your building. This would mean using swipe cards, entry codes, RFID scanners, and even fingerprint scanners to access various rooms and areas of your business. Your locksmith can help you determine the best method for you and your employees and help you decide if multiple entry methods would be best.

If you have high security areas, you may want to consider swipe cards for basic entry and fingerprint readers for higher security areas. Keep in mind, a completely keyless entry system will need a manual override option for power outages or for you to have a backup power supply in place to allow entry and exit in emergencies.

Emergency Response Alarms

You may not know that your locksmith can install locks that are directly connected to emergency response systems. An example of this would be when a major power outage occurs due to fire. An alarm would sound when the power supply is cut and would alert the local fire department that there is an issue and that you may have individuals locked in certain areas of the building if the backup supply does not kick-in properly. This emergency response system can also work well for break-ins as well. You can even choose to have the system connect to a security company that can help with various issues, including contact the proper emergency response team to your location.

Video Surveillance Systems

If you are happy with your current locking system but still need an upgrade to the security of your building, then you may want to consider a video surveillance system. Your locksmith can help you with this by installing the system and also connecting it to your current locking system. What this means is that if someone tries to break-in, certain areas of your building would be locked until an override was punched into the system. You can choose which areas would undergo this security measure, what the code would need to be for the override, and who had access to the override.

These are just three of the ways locksmiths can help you upgrade your businesses building security. For more options and pricing, contact your local locksmith for a consultation.