If you are currently looking to buy a house, you probably know that having the home inspected before agreeing to buy it is important. The house inspection lets you know what might be potentially wrong with the house, which isn't made evident just by looking at it. Another, more specific, type of inspection to have done is a mould inspection. This will look more thoroughly at different areas of your home to check for the presence of mould. Here are some reasons why you should have this type of inspection done.

Removing Mould is Expensive

One of the top reasons why you should have a mould inspection done before buying a house is because, if you buy that house and find the mould later on, you will then need to remove it. This is a process called mould remediation, when the company comes out to your home and safely removes all traces of mould. However, while you can remove it so you are able to breathe clean, fresh air again, it is not a cheap thing to have done. If you find evidence of the mould and mildew through an inspection before putting in an offer, you can make mould remediation part of the conditions of buying the house and have the owner take care of it.

Mould is Bad For Your Health

Having mould in your house is not something to take lightly. By the time it gets to the point where it is all over the house, it is already damaging to your health and needs to be removed as soon as possible. Once mould turns to black mould, it can then cause some serious side effects with you and your loved ones. While everyone should be concerned about the presence of mould, it is even more crucial if someone in your home has asthma, lung disease, or if you have an infant or senior whose bodies are more susceptible to illness from such things.

Finding Mould is a Sign of Other Problems

Another reason to have a mould inspection is because if the inspector finds traces of it, that is probably a sign of other issues with the home. Mould doesn't just grow from nothing; there needs to be a reason behind it. More often than not, it is from some type of water damage. If there is mould in a home you want to buy, there might have been major issues with the plumbing that caused a flood and water damage, or there may have been issues with the roof, which caused a leak. Some of these problems might not be completely fixed yet.