If you're buying a flat over a pub, move forward cautiously before making your final decision. The right place may be an ideal investment property or a home you can love forever, but without the proper considerations, you may end up with a bit of real estate that you don't like. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Noise Mitigation

Real estate situated over a pub can be noisy. There may be patrons talking on a patio or as they wait in line to enter. Alternatively, rubbish trucks emptying skips full of wine bottles in the early morning can also be noisy. Finally, if your apartment windows are directly over the kitchen doors of the pub, you may hear extractor fans and chefs talking, especially if they leave open the doors to the kitchen when it's hot outside.

To address this issue, look at the direction of the windows in the flat to ascertain which noises you are likely to hear. Also, make sure that windows are double paned so that they will keep out noise more effectively when they are closed. You may also want to ask about insulation or other soundproofing techniques in the flat.

2. Busy Times

Before buying real estate that's situated over a pub, read a few reviews of the pub and figure out when it is the busiest. Then, ask your real estate agent to show you the property at that time. That gives you a chance to gauge how noisy the pub is when it is busy.

However, if you tend to go out a lot or if you work evenings when the pub is at its loudest, that fact may not bother you. In that case, you may want to schedule a viewing during the times when you tend to sleep and see how the pub sounds then.

3. Ambiance

Want's the pub like? What kind of clientele does it draw? What does it say about the neighbourhood? When buying real estate, you should look at the businesses around the property you plan to buy.

If the pub looks like it's going to ultimately make the neighbourhood cooler, that may make it easier to rent out the apartment. Additionally, it may help boost real estate values in the area, hopefully increasing the value of your apartment. In contrast, if the pub looks like it may go out of business and there are no other vibrant businesses nearby, that could be a sign that you may want to ask your agent to look at a flat in another area. To get started checking out flats to rent or purchase, contact a company like Wagga Real Estate.