Removals are stressful, and if you have kids underfoot, they can be even more stressful. Luckily, there are ways to keep your kids busy and engaged through the move. Here are some fun games and activities that will distract your kids and maybe even get them to help with the removals process:

1. Reading and sorting challenge

If your kid loves to read or enjoys organising things, give him or her a few boxes. Label with the boxes with word or pictures. Then, send your kid to their room or around the house to collect the items on the side of the box.

For example, one box may have soft toys on it, another may have linen and yet another may feature cricket balls. Just make sure that the items are things you want packed that your child can easily gather as he or she walks through the house. If you want to add a challenge, set a timer and see if your child can get back to you with a full box before the timer ends.

2. Timed challenges

To inspire little kids, timed challenges are amazing. Older kids, however, may not be as likely to fall for this trick. To use it with little kids, give them a challenge such as picking up their room, packing the clothes in their closet, or even scrubbing the toilet. Then, set the timer and see if they can beat it. Give them enough time on the timer so that they are motivated but still likely to win. Then, repeat ad nauseum through the move.

3. Artistic inspiration

Markers or new crayons aren't expensive, and they don't take up a lot of room. Even if you pack every other toy your kid owns, keep out a few new art supplies. Then, let your kids use the boxes as a canvas. Once you get to your new home, let the kids unpack the boxes and turn them into playhouses, floor maps and other fun things using their new markers or crayons.

4. Doorman

If you have a kid who is eager to help but too little to move boxes, ask him to be the doorman. Just like a doorman at a hotel, he gets to hold open the door for people moving heavy boxes and furniture. You may even want to heighten the imaginative effect by giving your child a little hat or outfit to use as they work as the doorman.

For more information or assistance with the removals process, contact removalists in your area.