Bird pests can significantly damage the plants in your garden, especially if left uncontrolled for long. Bird netting is an effective method of controlling a bird pests attack, provided you use a suitable net that is effective in deterring the birds. Below are guidelines to help you choose the most appropriate bird netting mesh for your garden.

Determine the Netting Method

The method of bird netting you want to use will determine the most suitable bird net for your garden. You can choose to have anchored nets or low-lying nets that are placed on the garden directly. Bird nets used to protect short or low-lying crops must not be anchored, whereas nets for high plants should be anchored.

For example, net sheets are not anchored and they're ideal for gardens with low-lying crops, such as blueberries. The net sheets are draped over the garden to deter the bird pests and must not be anchored with posts. However, if you don't want the net to lie on your crops, you can place a big rock under the net to elevate the net a bit.

Consider Duration of Use  

You should consider the expected duration you're going to use the net when choosing a bird net. If the bird pests attack in your garden is likely to last long, then you should erect a permanent bird net. Otherwise, if the attack is seasonal or a one-time issue, then using a temporary net will be okay. So pay attention to the attributes of the net to make sure it can serve its purpose for the duration required.

For example, a permanent bird net should be strong enough to withstand different weather conditions, such as the heavy duty nets. Besides the bird pests, other pests, such as rodents may try bypass the net. So choose a net that cannot be damaged easily by different types of pests. It's also advisable to consult a professional pest control supplies provider to help you choose the best net for long-term use.

Consider the Type of Bird Pest

The type of bird you're netting will determine the type of bird mesh you will use on your garden. For instance, small bird pests require nets that have small mesh dimensions through which the bird cannot fit. So it's important that you buy a net with dimensions that fit the bird pest you're targeting.

For example, if you want to control pigeons, it's advisable to choose a net with two-inch mesh dimensions. Also, pigeons are also quite invasive and it's advisable to choose a net with strong strands and firm tension to withstand the weight of the bird. Otherwise, there are nets made specifically for netting specific birds, so you can also choose bird-specific nets.

Bird pests can ruin your garden easily if left uncontrolled. The above mentioned bird netting tips can help you keep bird pests off your garden.