Termites are pests that many people worry about getting in their homes, as they can eat through and weaken both furniture and your house itself. Getting rid of termites can become an expensive and time consuming procedure that forces you to get out of your house for the entire duration of the extermination. However, there are things you can do before calling professional termite exterminators to get rid of these pests. Doing your own termite control when the infestation hasn't spread to your entire house can save you money and time. Just remember that you need to keep an eye on your wooden structures afterwards to make sure that the termites really are gone. If they aren't, you'll need to hire a professional.


The first thing you should do if you find traces of termites on your wooden furniture is to dry the furniture up and make sure there is no moisture in it. You can do this by dragging your furniture out in your garden a sunny day and let the sun heat it up. If termites find themselves in a too dry and too warm place, they'll either die or migrate. As you're keeping the furniture outside, you won't have to worry about the termites migrating to other wooden structures in your home as you would if you tried to dry the furniture inside.


If the termites have gotten into furniture that can't be brought outside, you can instead try to lure them out by offering them something else to chew on. Place a large piece of cardboard close to the termite entrance in the wooden item and wait for the termites to come out and chew on it. When the cardboard is full, you can simply burn it to get rid of the insects for good. Just remember that this method is unlikely to get rid of all of the termites and you you probably will have to combine it with some type of chemical treatment.


When it comes to chemicals, there are a lot of DIY options you can do before calling the professionals. Applying a mixture of boric acid and water to the furniture that has been infested might prove useful. Boric acid might, however, be quite dangerous to use as it can have a negative impact on your health. If you wish to use less dangerous options, you can also try to apply a mixture of white vinegar and olive oil, or Aloe vera and water. These natural solutions might not be as immediately effective as more toxic chemicals, but might be better for you and your furniture.

If these methods don't work, contact a professional termite control company like Expect the Best Pty Ltd.