A body corporate is a group of owners that all own a piece of shared land and, therefore, are obligated to maintain the public space on that property. The owners can decide common rules that should be followed on the property, making it easier for all of the owners and tenants to get along. One of the subject matters that a body corporate should have procedures and rules for is the weather. Different types of weather can affect a piece of land and buildings significantly. A storm is the type of weather with the largest risk of causing significant damage to your property. You need to make sure your body corporate are prepared to tackle this type of weather.

Building maintenance

When there's a risk of a storm coming, a part of your body corporate services for your tenants should be to clean out gutters and remove debris from roofs that can become a danger to people living on the property. Overflowing gutters can cause problems, not just for the buildings, but also be a danger to people on the property if large tree branches or rocks where to blow off the roofs.

Shared property

When securing the property, you should also mind all things that are in danger of being affected by the wind. Rubbish bins, benches, and grills are all things that can become truly dangerous if caught by the wind. For this reason, you should also encourage your tenants to take all of their outdoor items inside. All items that are not firmly attached to other structures can become dangerous if they were flying through the air. You should also consider lopping any trees on the property that have large or long branches that might break if exposed to exceptionally hard winds. Try at least to tie tree branches down to the stem to avoid them being caught by the wind.


Have an extra look at your body corporate's insurance. Make sure that coverage for damage caused by the storm is present in the insurance. If it's not, you should bring this to attention immediately. You can also call to a meeting to evaluate if your current insurance is appropriate for the coming storm season. There might be things that can be improved or things that previous storms have proved to be redundant. This will save your body corporate some money. You should also have a look at your personal insurance. Your personal belongings are not covered by any insurance that your body corporate might have.